Manuka Honey Nutritional Benefits

Manuka Honey Nutritional Benefits


Manuka Honey Nutritional Benefits: For Healing Wounds

Manuka honey Nutritional benefits are so various. It is a natural honey that contains so much benefit that will be useful for body health. Manuka Honey also rich of nutritious substance that is obviously good for health.

This natural honey also has so many vitamins and mineral that is exactly can keep the body to stay health. Dark and also strong taste of Manuka Honey is made naturally by common honey bees.

Manuka Honey Nutritional BenefitsThis honey which is from Manuka bush in New Zealand is proven contain so much useful properties that will make body become more healthy when consume it.

Honey is known well as antimicrobial. Most of honey contain certain enzyme, that enzyme enable the honey, if it is diluted the honey will produce the hydrogen peroxide.

This Manuka Honey Nutritional benefits hydrogen peroxide is really useful for wounds healing. Manuka honey can also be used to heal the infected wounds. If it is compared with common modern treatments, natural treatment of manuka honey is still effective to heal superficial and also partial-thickness of burn of skin.

Manuka Honey also is proven contains other antimicrobial substances. This is an additional substance that is not found in another honey. It is UMF substance. This UMF substance is listed on product label.

Manuka Honey with its UMF in level 15 is efficient for killing the staphylococcus aureus (skin pathogen bacteria). UMF 15 on Manuka Honey is same as 15% of phenol solution. The Scale of the UMF shows the comparison of the Manuka Honey.

Manuka Honey also can be effective for stopping dental plaque growth. The substance on the Manuka Honey is effective as the chlorhexidine mouthwash in removing dental plaque. Manuka Honey can also reduce the acid production on mouth.

However, acid is main factor that promote the losing teeth enamel. Manuka honey Nutritional benefits are excellent option for healing infection, and quickly reducing inflammation and pain