Manuka Honey for Lung Infection

Manuka honey is a mono-floral honey which is resulted by bee from Manuka flowers. Manuka flowers are most planted in New Zealand. This flower grows up in a place which almost there is no one gets to the place. The flower is free from pesticides and also pollutions.

Many people use the Manuka honey to medicine, even; many doctors in the world use the honey as one of substances to their medicine. There are so many benefits from this honey. One of them is Manuka can treat lung infection. Here, this article will talk about Manuka honey lung infection based on some sources.

Bee Honeycomb And DipperBefore talking about Manuka honey lung infection, you should know about the lung infection first. Lung infection is one type of chest infections. Commonly, chest infection types are bronchitis.

It is caused by larger airways and also pneumonia which influences air sacs on the lungs to be smaller. In general, this infection is caused by bacteria or viral in nature and it can affect all people in any age.

Actually, the news about Manuka honey lung infection depends on people. They may sure or not. But, if the Manuka honey can treat illness, it is true and it is not only lung infection, but also many others.

But, most of the benefits, Manuka honey is often used to infections. Here, will be explained not only tips to treat lung infection, but also other illnesses. To treat lung infection, you should consume the honey 1/3 cup twice per day before sleeping. To handle stress and cooling down, you should drink it ½ tablespoon three times per day.

If you suffer a stomach disorder you can drink it 1 tablespoon three times per day. Hopefully this information about Manuka honey lung infection can be useful to you.