Does Manuka honey lighten eyes?

This article will talk about does Manuka honey lighten eyes? Is it true or not? However, there are so many opinions about it. Some People say it can work, but other people think it does not work. But, here I will give a story about a friend who used Manuka honey to lighten eyes, and it really works.

She is very sure that Manuka honey helped her light eyes. Therefore, she gives some steps how to apply it for lightening eyes. Check it out!

The first step in order to Manuka honey lighten eyes is boil some water, it depends on you in deciding the amount, but she applies it with balance 2:1 between water and the honey. The second is squeeze amount of the honey into the first hot water as enough and then you let it sits until becomes cool.

Manuka Honey Lighten Eyes1The honey then will become melt and it becomes a little sticky because of the change to be heat. Stir it using a spoon or butter knife in order to pure the honey regularly.

Then, take eye dropper but make sure to rinse out your eye dropper because it usually has something that you do not want to before using the tool, after clean, you can use it.

She suggests using baby dropper in order to suck the Manuka honey up to be better. It is just half step in Manuka honey lighten eyes.

Then, take and squeeze up the combined honey and water then drop it about 2 until 4 drops on your each eyes. Do not be afraid of stinging which is very slight.

Do it when you want to sleep in the night every day. However, it needs long process, so be patient to get light eyes. Hopefully this article Manuka honey lighten eyes can be useful to you.