Manuka Honey Helps Eczema

Manuka Honey Helps Eczema

Manuka Honey Helps Eczema

How Manuka Honey Helps Eczema

The Manuka honey is known for its medicinal properties that can pretty much heal any kind of illnesses from internal disease such as acid flux and ulcers to the external illnesses such as ear infections and open wound.

One dsease that can be treated with Manuka honey is eczema. Knwown as the most irritating diseases, eczema is a skin condition that has no cure but can be treated using Manuka honey. Here is how Manuka honey helps eczema.

As an Anti Bacterial Agent

Manuka honey is known to be one of the most effective anti bacterial agent that can kill more than eighty kinds of bacteria that can cause various kinds of diseases and sickness. When applied to the affected are on an eczema patient, Manuka honey will kill the bacteria that can worsen the condition of the patient’s eczema.

Manuka Honey Helps Eczema

Soothing the Inflammations

Manuka honey also has anti inflammation properties that will soothe the irritating eczema and the inflammation caused by the disease. When the inflammation is reduced and the wound is soothed, your eczema will not be as bad and itchy as it was before you applied Manuka honey. Manuka honey will also help you in healing the skin when the eczema got really bad until it cracked your skin.

Moisturizing the Dry Skin

Honey in general has the properties of locking moisture from the atmosphere inside its particles. Eczema usually causes dry flaky skin that will be very itchy and begs to be scratch. When you apply Manuka honey to the eczema affected areas, it will help moisturizing the skin and locking the oisture inside the skin.

However, you should not use Manuka honey during the dry weather since it will suck up the moisture out of your skin instead of helping it moisturizing the skin. Those are how Manuka honey helps eczema patients.