Manuka Honey Good for Face

Manuka Honey Good for Face


How Manuka Honey Good for Face

It is widely known that honey has a very large range of usefulness for our body, especially for face treatment. There is one type of honey that has an even higher level of effectiveness to for face treatment, which is Manuka honey. Manuka honey is made from the nectars of manuka trees that are originated from New Zealand.

There are many medicinal benefit of Manuka honey that many people are looking for it for some kind of treatments for the various sicknesses they suffer. Here is how Manuka honey good for face.

  1. As a Moisturizer

If you have a dry face and in dire need for an effective moisturizer, you can try Manuka honey based moisturizing cream for once. Manuka honey is known to have hydrating properties that can keep your face from being too dry. Manuka honey will take water particles from the atmosphere and then tied it inside its own particles and in turn hydrating your dry face. You have to be careful not to use Manuka honey during dry weather though, since it will suck up the moisture out of your face instead of hydrating it.

Manuka Honey Good for Face

  1. Reducing Wrinkles

Manuka honey is also known as one of the most effective exfoliating agent that can exfoliate your face and get rid off of the dead skin cells that have been accumulated on your face and caused wrinkles. The exfoliating properties will smoothen out the wrinkles and combined with the moisturizing properties, it is one of the most potent anti aging remedies.

  1. Healing Facial Ailments

Another Manuka honey good for face properties is that it can also be used to treat other skin problems such as acne break outs and eczema. The anti bacterial of Manuka honey will kill any bacteria that can trigger acne breakout and the spread of eczema on your face. The anti inflammation of Manuka honey will be able to soothe the inflamed skin caused by eczema.