Manuka Honey Good For Diabetes

Manuka Honey Good For Diabetes

Manuka Honey Good for Diabetes

Is Manuka Honey Good for Diabetes?

Is Manuka honey good for diabetes? There has been a growing popularity of Manuka honey being a natural agent for healing various ailments, including wounds, digestive problems, sore throat, leg ulcers, and many more.

But how about diabetes? Well there has been various sources that cited the benefit of Manuka honey but when it comes to treating diabetes, this honey still falls under the category of grey area.

It is also important to be noted that the reputation of this honey as well as clinical and anecdotal evidences for its healing quality came from an active and regular use of the substance. It is also worth to be kept in mind that usually, the higher the UMF or Unique Manuka Factor is, the better.

This is because a high UMF rating (usually 10 or higher than that) indicates the strength of antiseptic and antibiotic properties of this honey and it is tested using a special test from independent laboratories.

Manuka Honey Good for DiabetesNot Every Use of Manuka Honey Good for Diabetes

Some extra care should be practiced when it comes to Diabetics’ consumption of Manuka honey. While honey is much better than processed sugar in many aspects, but it is still a natural honey and each individual suffering from diabetes might have different capability of taking and processing honey in their diet.

Manuka honey contains a lower level of GI in comparison to sucrose or the refined cane sugars, which is also something that typically must be avoided by people suffering from diabetes since it is comprised of fructose and glucose.

On the other hand, it also has minerals and vitamins that could help balancing the level of blood sugar level, a particular quality that makes may people think Manuka honey good for diabetes.

Nevertheless it is still a form of sugar, therefore it is strongly suggested that diabetics take careful precaution before including Manuka honey into their diet.

Those with diabetes who wish to consume Manuka honey as part of their diet must consult their doctor first, and if it is allowed, a regular check on the blood’s sugar level is mandatory to be after consuming it.

What If Diabetics Use Manuka Honey for Other Curing Purpose?

Manuka honey is renowned for its various health benefits, be it applied externally or taken internally. If it is for external curing purpose such as healing wounds, treatment for burns, or skin healthcare treatments, then it is still suggested for diabetics to check their blood’s level of glucose too after they applied Manuka honey on their skin.

This serves as a precautionary measures to ensure that it won’t affect your health since honey is known to be able seeping quite deep into the tissue of the skin. Hope this article answer your concerns whether Manuka honey good for diabetes or not!