Manuka Honey Good for Coughs

Manuka Honey Good for Coughs


Serving Manuka Honey Good for Coughs

Manuka honey good for coughs are the best honey that is produced in New Zealand and it is called as Manuka because the bees use the Manuka when they are produced the honey. There are many researches that prove the great use of this kind of honey as the medicine.

This is also getting more popular because there are more people who have proved the good effect of this honey to treat their sickness. And one of the illnesses that can be cured by using this honey is cough. There are some ways that you can serve this honey as your medicine.

Manuka honey good for coughs with cold water

You can serve the honey to cure your cough by mixing it with cold water. You can take the glass and then fill it with the cold water. After that you should take the few of the honey and then mix it up. You can drink it twice a day to feel that Manuka honey good for coughs.

Manuka Honey Good for Coughs
Young woman has a flu. Coughing.

Manuka honey good for coughs with cinnamon

The second way that you can use is by mixing the honey with the cinnamon powder. You can mix it with the hot water, juices or your fruit salad. To get the best result, you should consume it twice a day for three days. After some of those days you will feel much better.

If you got cough and it hasn’t cured yet, it is better for you to drink this honey rather than consuming the other medicines. It is because it is natural way to cure it and certainly it is safe and good to be used for your body.

However, honey has been used for long time ago as the drink to maintain the health and treat the illness but nowadays there are many honey products that are not original. That’s why you have to select carefully and one of the trusted one is Manuka honey good for coughs.