Manuka Honey Good For Baby

Manuka Honey Good For Baby

Manuka Honey Good For Baby

Is it true if manuka honey good for baby?

Manuka honey good for baby is not something hearsay only. The ability of honey from manuka bees in New Zealand is heard in almost all country in earth. Basically, honey will help to boost the immune system production and stimulate the tissue in the body in order to heal the wound faster.

Honey can be consume by oral or wipe it through the wound. So, can it be applied for babies? Yes, it can obviously. But if you want to give it to your baby by oral consumption, then you should pay attention to the age of your child because for kids under one year old, it cannot be given.

Manuka Honey Good For Baby

Manuka honey good for baby and adult

The goodness of manuka honey cannot be denied anymore because there are many people who were already feel the advantage of this product. Basically, honey is good for the body’s health because it can repair the immune system and stimulate the tissue to work optimally.

Some diseases and disorders can be prevented by consuming honey in routine. For baby, honey can reduce the possibility of baby getting fever, cough, and cold. It also has antibacterial that will protect the baby from fungal and viruses. In other word it is true if manuka honey good for baby.

It prevents cold and fever

Manuka honey good for baby can be proven by giving it regularly to your baby. You can add it into the drink or mix it with the desert and vitamin. But giving it in too much dose will causing other disease such as diabetes type 2.

So even though honey will give you many benefits, you still need to pay more attention for the dose. Do not worry because honey is suitable both for adult and baby. Well, in overall it is true if manuka honey good for baby.