Manuka Honey from New Zealand : Unique honey having much Benefit

Ancient people have used honey for their traditional remedies, the powerful benefit of raw Honey has been known by ancient people since many years ago. Honey itself also can be divided into many types. It depends on the tree where the honey produced, the benefits is also different from one honey type to the other type.

One of the honey types that have been a famous natural honey among the other honey is Manuka Honey from New Zealand. Everyone definitely recognize this kind of honey. This New Zealand Manuka honey has so many advantages for people, especially for people’s health.

Manuka Honey from New ZealandManuka Honey from New Zealand is kind of honey which is derived from Manuka bush. This Manuka bush only grows in coastal areas in New Zealand. Therefore The Natural Honey of Manuka is rare honey that can be found only in New Zealand.

This condition also makes the Natural Manuka Honey from New Zealand become special than the other ordinary honey. This honey also contains special substances that are not had by the other honey. This honey contains additional substances that are very good for body health.

Common Honey is containing hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide is useful to against any infection. Manuka Honey from New Zealand also contains that hydrogen peroxide, but Manuka Honey contains additional properties, it is Methylglyoxal (MG). This Methylglyoxal can reduce infection and also can repair tissues. This is the difference between Manuka Honey and common honey.

Manuka Honey from New Zealand has so many advantages for body’s health. Common benefits from honey are to cure wound and also burn. But this Manuka Honey has more benefits than that.

The antibacterial of the Manuka honey is really useful to heal from inflammation caused by bacteria; anti-inflammatory of this honey can also reduce pain of wound. Honey is also good option for weight loss. Honey can replace sugar for your diet. Honey has fewer calories compared to sugar.