Manuka Honey Benefits Gum Disease

Manuka Honey Benefits Gum Disease


Manuka Honey Benefits Gum Disease

Have you ever found out that manuka honey benefits gum disease is one of the most effective ways in treating your gum disease? Manuka honey originally comes from New Zealand which is able to stimulate your immune system to help fighting infection. The honey has high antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. In fact, the manuka honey needs a UMF factor that tends to be more effective.

Manuka honey benefits gum disease: periodontal and gingivitis

A research that was conducted can heal the periodontal and gingivitis gum disease. After consuming the manuka honey, it can decrease the bleeding and plaque gingivitis. That way, the honey is an effective way to treat gingivitis along with the periodontal disease which also can affect the roots, bones, ligaments, teeth and gums.

Manuka honey benefits gum disease

Have you ever experienced a wound on your mouth? Have you ever considered making use of manuka honey benefits gum disease? Well, the wound mouth actually can be treated quickly. However, if you experience worse wound, then you can undertake chemotherapy.

Manuka Honey Benefits Gum Disease

Nevertheless, chemotherapy has side effects such as mucositis which cause infection and ulcers in your mouth. You tend to suffer mucosistis when you receive a treatment of radiation over your head. Mouth open sores are also susceptible for the infection as well. you can take for about 1 1/3 tablespoon of manuka honey just before and after having the radiation treatment which can significantly reduce the mucositis.

Other benefits of manuka honey: plaque and cavities

Chewing or sucking honey may look like counterintuitive for root and gum health because sticky substance change the bacteria into plaque that can cause gingivitis, cavities, toot abscesses and periodontis. To heal this, you can take a high level of the manuka honey which acts as antibacterial properties.

Take twelve or even higher within the UMF scale to heal the plaque. Surprisingly, manuka honey is not only healing your plaque but also prevent from further condition. That’s why manuka honey good for gum disease.