Manuka Honey Benefits For MRSA

Manuka Honey Benefits For MRSA


Can Super bug MRSA Be Treated with Manuka Honey?

From time to time, many scientists have been doing some researches about bacterias. The result they have gotten so far are quite amazing. There is a big number of bacterias have been found until these days.

Some of them are good, but some others are not. Usually, doctors will prescribe us with antibiotics when we have illness related with bacterias.

This medication might work, but using it for a long term could create antibiotic resistent bacterias. One of the most famous as well as scariest ones is called as Methicilin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

This type is no longer be able to deal with same treatment. That is until manuka honey is discovered. Here are a few possible manuka honey benefits for mrsa.

Manuka Honey Benefits For MRSAManuka Honey Benefits for MRSA

Honey has been qualified as an antibacterial product. Among of all kinds, manuka honey is the only type that has a healing function. It is made by bees which only have a contact with a certain flower named Manuka plant.

This kind of honey is known to even be able to take care of MRSA. Besides that superbug, it could also handle other bacterias which can resist to antibiotics, and they are MSSA and VRE.

Scientists said that it has the ability probably because the honey has an extra ingredient named Unique Manuka Factor or simply known as UMF. It is called like that since no one knows what the ingredient to be exact yet until these days.

Suggestion in Using Manuka Honey Benefits for MRSA

Before you decide to apply it as an MRSA treatment, you have to ask your doctor whether it is the right choice or not. Moreover, even though he allows you, it does not mean you can use any honey just like that. You need to differentiate between raw honey with processed honey.

If you want to buy manuka honey, make sure it is licensed with UMF. The quality and origin of UMF honey has been audited by independent laboratory. Therefore, it is important to reassure whether you have real manuka honey benefits for mrsa or not.