Manuka Honey Benefits for Flu

Manuka Honey Benefits for Flu


Manuka Honey Benefits for Flu

When the flu seasons come many people are frantically going to the pharmacies for flu medications and some even go to the hospital or their doctors to get a flu shot. However, not many people are keen on getting chemical drugs pumped up to their body to defeat the flu virus that is going viral and looking for an alternative medication instead.

One of the most popular alternative flu remedy is Manuka honey, a natural honey that has a high antibacterial level that can kill bacteria that caused various kinds of illnesses. Here are some Manuka honey benefits for flu patients.

  1. Killing Bacteria and Virus

Manuka honey is known especially for its antibacterial and antiviral properties that are very powerful. Manuka honey is scientifically proven as one of the five types of honey that can kill many virus and bacteria effectively, including the influenza virus. When you or a member of your family started to show symptoms of influenza, immediately give them a spoonful of Manuka honey to kill the influenza virus.

Manuka Honey Benefits for Flu

  1. Reducing Sore Throat

Manuka honey can also reduce sore throat. The anti inflammation properties of Manuka honey can help heal and soothe sore throat and the anti bacterial properties of the honey will help killing the bacteria that can cause further spreads of sore throat.

  1. Increasing Immune System

Manuka honey benefits for flu do not end there. Since Manuka honey is full with useful nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, it can increase the body’s immune system so that you will not be able to catch further any sickness when you consume Manuka honey on a regular basis.

Manuka honey contains vitamins such as vitamin C and other nutrients that will be good in building immune systems. You can even substitute the use of sugar to sweeten your food or drinks with Manuka honey if you want healthier sweetener in order to increase the immune system.