Manuka Honey Benefits For Face

Manuka Honey Benefits For Face


Several Manuka Honey Benefits for Face

Manuka honey benefits for face works like a miracle; it is able to make your facial skin healthy and pretty. Manuka honey is a special honey produced by bees’ pollination on New Zealand’s native plant called Manuka bush.

It has been used as modern medicine and traditional remedies for a long time thanks to its naturally high antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Aside from having hydrogen peroxide as one of its compositions, Manuka honey also contains a high amount of MG or antibacterial methylglyoxal that has a very effective healing properties.

In most types of honey, MG can be found in small amounts. However, in Manuka honey, the level of MG is one hundred times higher than those belong to normal or ordinary honey.

Manuka Honey Benefits For FaceHow Manuka Honey Benefits for Face like a Charm

As much as Manuka honey belongs in the list of traditional remedies and clinical medicines, it can also be listed as something you should have in your bathroom cabinets for its benefits in skincare treatment.

Manuka honey benefits for face as much as it benefits various other parts of one’s body. It can maintain the youthfulness and clearness of your facial skin, as much as it helps to moisturizing it.

Not only that, a regular use of Manuka honey for skincare treatments can also prevent aging from showing its signs early to your face. Manuka honey is categorized into several levels of strength or bioactivity.

There is an indicator called “Unique Manuka Factors” that determine the quality of Manuka honey, with higher number indicates a higher quality. For maximum result, it is recommended to use the one that contains UMF 16 or higher.

Using Manuka Honey on Your Skin

You can apply it on your facial skin as part of your skincare regimen, or you can also use Manuka honey as a face mask in weekly basis.

After washing your face and gently exfoliate the skin using baking soda, pat your face until it dry and then apply a thin amount of Manuka honey gently on your face. It does not take much, usually only about a teaspoon total.

Afterwards, let it be for at least thirty minutes or so and then rinse it using a warm water. Repeat these steps regularly and combine it with other skincare treatment products suitable for your skin, soon you will see Manuka honey benefits for face making its way.