Manuka Honey Benefits For Dogs

Manuka Honey Benefits For Dogs

Manuka Honey Benefits For Dogs

Some Manuka Honey Benefits for Dogs

There are plenty of Manuka honey benefits for dogs, be it for topical or internal uses. Since the acidity and pH of this honey is efficient and low enough to combat and prevent the growth rate of many kinds of bacteria, it has a lot of benefits for treating various ailments present in humans, dogs, and many other animals.

Moreover, there is a particular enzyme in honey that could produce a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide which may work as an agent for antibacterial protection and cure.

It has been revealed by several studies that honey is perfectly capable of reducing a form of inflammation and soothes the pain which is elicited from burns and wounds.

Thanks to these various healing qualities, soft or liquid honey could be used as a topical cure to treat burns and wounds, even for dogs!

Manuka Honey Benefits For DogsSome Manuka Honey Benefits for Dogs Derived from Topical Uses

As what have been explained earlier, Manuka honey benefits for dogs include healing external burns and wounds that might happen to your dog.

For treating burns, you need to clip off a patch of your dog hair around the burned spot and then wash it gently using vinegar. Afterwards, you can simply apply honey to the area for every ten minutes or so until the pain is relieved. When it is done, you can lightly put a dressing to the healed spot.

The good news about dressings that contained honey substance is that they allow a better growth of newly formed skin tissues because it does not stick to the wound.

As for treating other minor scratches or wounds, you can simply apply a necessary amount of Manuka honey to the spot without having to cover it with bandage and simply let the honey stick on the wound for it to heal for at least twenty minutes or so.

Internal Uses of Manuka Honey for Dogs

If topical uses of Manuka honey works like charm, the same thing can also be said to internal uses. Dogs often suffer from certain allergies or stomach-digestive system problems.

If your dog suffered from any of these internal ailments, you can give them a little amount of Manuka honey as it is perfectly suitable for dogs’ consumption, unless your dog has diabetes, that is. That concludes our article about Manuka honey benefits for dogs, hope it’s helpful!