Manuka Honey Benefits For Colitis

Manuka Honey Benefits For Colitis

Manuka Honey Benefits For Colitis

Soothing Colitis Problem with Manuka Honey

Did you ever suffer from colitis? If you did, then you must know how unpleasent this disease to the patient. Colitis refers to an inflammation happened in the area of our colon.

This illness may cause several problems such as infection, diarrhea with or without blood and stomach pain. The causes of it could be various. It might occur due to our wrong diet program. There are several bacteria which might create this malady.

Those bacterias are E. Coli, Shigella, Salmonella, etc. Several treatment can handle this health issue, and one of them is by applying manuka honey. Here are some manuka honey benefits for colitis we need to know.

Manuka Honey Benefits For ColitisManuka Honey Benefits for Colitis: Anti-inflammatory and Antibacterial

According to a research, manuka honey is known to have a function as an anti-inflammatory. This function will reduce the pain feeling caused by inflammation either in the area of joints or throat. It is also able to treat the abdominal pain as a result of colitis very well.

In addition, this honey also has another usage, which is antibacterial. Since there are some bacterias which could lead colitis, manuka honey will be a great choice to have. It will clean all of those bad bacterias out of our body.

Manuka Honey Benefits for Colitis: UMF and Proper Time to Consume

There is one thing to remember before buying this product. It is produced in various Unique Manuka Factor. UMF is the level of power of the antibacterial and usually started from 5+ to 20+. If you have mild colitis, you can try the one with 10+ or 15+. If it is quite severe, then try 20+.

Moreover, we have to consume it with empty stomach. So, the best time to do it is one hour before or after eating. You may take it twice a day. Once is in the morning, and once is before going to bed. It will not work right after consuming it in the first day.

It needs three or four days to perfectly work. Until that day, we will have one happy tummy. Well, are glad to know about manuka honey benefits for colitis?