Manuka Honey Benefits For Animals

Manuka Honey Benefits For Animals


Manuka Honey Benefits for Animals

Manuka honey benefits for Animals are information you should read if you have pets at home and expect them to be in good health. Besides giving the right amount and kinds of foods, we should also pay attention to our pets’ health.

Environment cleanness where our pets stay should also be maintained. It affects so much to their health. People who have dogs with certificates at home must know that the caring cost for those dogs is expensive.

The cost may be higher than the owner everyday living cost which includes eating, schooling and working expenses. Giving our pets the Manuka honey is a good idea for health maintenance. Let’s see this honey benefits for them.

Manuka Honey Benefits For AnimalsGetting to know more in Manuka honey benefits for animals

The healing properties that the Manuka honey has to heal and maintain your health can also work for animals. But there might be some problems when giving this honey to them.

Some of animals might be okay with the taste of Manuka honey, but the others might not like it. Some tricks can be done, when your dog has digestive issue, giving her less than one teaspoon of Manuka honey. It can be a half of it or even less. Adjust it with the size of your dog, cat or horse as well.

Applying Manuka honey for wounded animals

For human body, Manuka honey is good for healing wounds, cuts, abscesses and things similar. The same case happens to the animals. But the problem is sometimes you have a wounded dog which stays inside the house.

Applying Manuka honey to its wound can be a bad idea for your furniture and rug cleanness. Dressing the wound after applying the honey can be one good solution and you will see the real manuka honey benefits for animals.