Manuka Honey Benefits Dosage

Manuka Honey Benefits Dosage

Manuka Honey Benefits Dosage

The Right Dosage for the Best Manuka Honey Benefits

The right manuka honey benefits dosage is an important thing to make sure you get the best advantage for your health. Different from other kind of honey, manuka has higher nutrient content like higher mineral and vitamin. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the dosage, especially if you have to keep the glucose content in particular level.

The right manuka honey benefits dosage for food supplement

Indeed you can consume manuka honey as food supplement in your daily life. For manuka has higher nutrient content, you have to make sure that you consume the right dosage. First, you have to make sure you calculate the nutrition you consume in a day, especially if you are in special diet.

Manuka Honey Benefits Dosage

Manuka honey has higher sugar content, you might have to avoid added sugar when you are consuming manuka honey. Second, consume it in the right time. You need only one to two tablespoon per day. Consume one tablespoon after breakfast and one tablespoon in between lunch and dinner time to get the best manuka honey benefits dosage.

Consult the manuka honey benefits dosage with your doctor

Manuka honey has powerful benefit to support a lot of medical therapies. Take for example, get the right dosage of manuka honey will support the healing process up to four times more effective. But, you cannot determine the dosage on your own, you have to consult it with your doctor for it really depends on your health condition and the medical therapy you have to get.

The consumption of manuka honey will prevent inflammation due to the chemotherapy. Applying some honey to some burning skin will also be an effective way to heal the wound. Just use a little manuka honey to massage your skin once a day as the right manuka honey benefits dosage.

Beauty remedy

Different from health therapy, using manuka honey as your beauty treatment at home is much easier to determine the dosage. Take for example, you can use manuka honey with an avocado to make natural mask. It is perfect to make your hair smoother. Twice treatments in a month is enough to get the best manuka honey benefits dosage.