Is Manuka Honey Good for Fever

Is Manuka Honey Good for Fever

Is Manuka Honey Good for Fever

Is Manuka Honey Good for Fever?

Is Manuka honey good for fever might be another question that comes up in your mind when you hear about this amazing honey. Besides good for fertility, the Manuka honey has healing properties much more than other kinds of honey.

If you are now on a diet program, this Manuka honey should also be included in your eating plan. Here are some reasons why we should take the Manuka honey daily and the answer of the earlier question.

So, is Manuka honey good for fever?

The Manuka honey, for your information, is not just an average kind of honey. It comes from New Zealand from honeybees which live around the Manuka tree. The leaves of Manuka trees, by the people who live surround, are used for healing fever like symptoms. They make a kind of drink out of it and consume it to reduce the symptoms.

Is Manuka Honey Good for Fever

There is always oil from the crushed leaves; people use it for curing wounds, since the oil contains natural antiseptic as well as antibiotic. Although the Manuka honey is an expensive product, but the price is worth it with the result you expect from it to cure your sickness or to maintain your health.

More on Manuka honey

But why is it expensive? You need to know that the Manuka honey is mono floral honey. It means that it derives only from one flower species. It derives from blooming flowers of Manuka tree which only happens for 2 to 6 weeks in one year. In one tub of Manuka honey contains UMF or the Unique Manuka Factors.

It shows the level of antibacterial it bears. In order to cure certain sickness, you need to find Manuka honey with minimum UMF rating as much as 10 or more. So, there is no need any more is Manuka honey good for fever?