Is Manuka Honey Good for Bed Sores

Is Manuka Honey Good for Bed Sores


Is Manuka Honey Good for Bed Sores? Here’s The Explanation

Pressure ulcers or bedsores known by the medical term called decubitus. It is a disease that attacks a person with moving disorders. This is usually experienced by stroke patients or those who have abnormalities in the spine. This does not only happen to patients who too often lie, but also for those who often sit in a wheelchair. These injuries occur due to a decrease in blood flow to the area having suppressed.

This will cause damage. Usually begins with reddening of skin, blisters, open and ooze pus and scar. Open sores that usually cause a bad odor. To treat this, usually carried out medical treatment or can be cured with Manuka honey. But, is Manuka honey good for bed sores?

Is Manuka Honey Good for Bed Sores?

It obvious that is Manuka honey good for bed sores. The antibacterial and antimicrobial in Manuka honey helps prevent the growth of certain bacteria. It is recommended to treat burns, abrasions and bedsores. In the pressure sores usually will appear smelling pus and the wound is very difficult to cure.

Is Manuka Honey Good for Bed Sores

Manuka honey helps cleanse the wound by reducing odor and pus. With natural moisturizer contained therein, Manuka honey can improve scars. Manuka honey has the ability to penetrate the layers of skin, it can help fight infection and heal wounds quickly.

Manuka Honey for Bed Sores

To cope with open wounds, you should not apply Manuka honey directly into the wound. You have to clean it first. Make sure the skin area around the wound is clean. Apply an ointment that absorbs fluid and protect the wound. Then pour honey on cotton or bandage and stick to the wound.

Do the replacement Band-Aid for 2 to 3 days. For healing, you can apply Manuka honey in scar. This will help regenerate new skin cells. It proved that is Manuka honey good for bed sores.