How To Use Manuka Honey To Treat Eczema

How To Use Manuka Honey To Treat Eczema


Manuka Honey for Eczema

How to use Manuka honey to treat eczema? Does it truly work? Sometimes that question comes to our mind whenever we find something new for the treatment yet we are doubt.

For people who do not know about Manuka honey well, probably you could start right now by reading this article. Manuka honey is the natural treatment brought from New Zealand. For years, it has been known as the great source of non-hydrogen peroxide antibacterial.

These kinds of property are helpful in treating diseases, illness and other health conditions. Besides, because of the light ingredients made from, Manuka honey can be used also for the skin tissue and heal the skin problems. One of skin problems Manuka honey can treat is eczema.

How To Use Manuka Honey To Treat EczemaBefore using Manuka honey to treat eczema, better for us to know first what is eczema?

Having problems on your skin is really annoyed. Some of them even inhibit you from doing daily activities. What eczema can do to your skin is that it gets irritated or inflamed. There are two types of eczema and the popular one is atopic eczema.

If one is attacked by atopic eczema, then probably he has a high risk of developing other allergic conditions, like hay fever and asthma.

In United States alone, eczema attacks approximately 3% of children and adults, while 10% to 20% experienced by infants. But does not worry, with the right treatment, eczema can be handled.

So, how to use Manuka honey to treat eczema?

There are several steps to follow in order to get good results. First, there are ingredients and stuff you need, namely two tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of manuka honey, two tablespoons of beeswax, glass jar with lid, small pan, and a wooden spoon.

Second, set the stove at the low heat, put the pan on it, and then put the beeswax. Remove the pan from the stove after the beeswax melts. Third, put the olive oil and manuka honey immediately in the beeswax. Use wooden spoon to mix them.

After that, you should save the mixture into the glass jar and put in refrigerator. Make sure your hands are clean before applying the mixture on the affected skin on your face.

Let it dry for twenty up to twenty five minutes. Use warm water to rinse your face. So, these are steps you should know on how to use Manuka honey to treat eczema.