How To Use Manuka Honey To Heal Wounds

How To Use Manuka Honey To Heal Wounds

How To Use Manuka Honey To Heal Wounds

Healing the Wounds with Manuka Honey

Wound is something we will get when we are injured due to a certain incident. For example, we will get some grazes after we fell to the ground from a certain height. Or, we could also have it when we accidentally got burned. Most people immediately do a first aid in order to heal the wounds.

The common first aid they use is usually like using antiseptic, cotton, or bandage.  Beside that type of first aid, manuka hone will be a good alternative to treat the wounds. In fact, it has been proved its effectiveness and used in many hospitals.

The reason why it is a great first aid because it has a function to kill a bacterium which is resistent to antibiotics like MRSA. How to use manuka honey to heal wounds depends on the condition we have.

How To Use Manuka Honey To Heal WoundsHow to Use Manuka Honey to Heal Wounds: Small Graze

If you only have a small graze, you only need a small application of the manuka honey. What you only need to do is a couple of process. First, you need to use antiseptic first to clean the wounds. Second, wash it with clean water. Last, take only a small dose with your finger tip and rub it to the wounds gently.

How to Use Manuka Honey to Heal Wounds: Severe Graze

Different from the first one, severe wounds need a big usage of manuka honey. In this case, we suggest you not to only rub it just like that. First, you must clean the wounds with water mixed with antiseptic.

Second, wipe it with sterile fabric. Third, cut a suitable size of roller bandage for the wounds and put some manuka honey on it overall. Fourth, surround the wounds with the bandage.

Finally, hold the bandage by using a adhesive bandage. Well, that’s how to use manuka honey to heal wounds with severe condition. Despite of the first aid you just got, you still need to go to a hospital for a total recovery.