How To Use Manuka Honey On Skin

How To Use Manuka Honey On Skin


How to Use Manuka Honey on Skin

Manuka Honey, the type of honey which are getting more popular for its range of purposes. Basically, this healing honey has been known to indigenous culture in New Zealand for thousands of years.

Britain’s National Health Service in 2004 has acknowledged this product as wound dressing. But how to use Manuka honey on skin? Here is the little guidelines, check it out good people!

How to use Manuka honey on skin: Manuka Honey for facial and clear skin

As I’ve mentioned before, since 2004 Britain’s NHS has licensed the use of this product in wound dressing and sterilized medical grade Manuka Honey creams.

Cool fact is this product can also be applied to your face for having flawless skin! You can you Manuka Honey as cleanser, mask, overnight treatment or even spot treatment. What a multiple benefits product!

How to use Manuka honey on skin: Application and Benefits

First if you decide to apply Manuka Honey as cleanser, you will get benefits such as to remove bacteria or soften your skin. You can simply apply it to dry skin.

However if you’re on wearing make-up, it is recommended to remove it first with simple cleanser. You can massage it into your skin for at least 30 seconds.

Or if you want to make it as a weekly mask where you can get benefits such as rebalances skin and brightens it. You can apply it in a thick layer of honey and to make it easier, you can use a tea spoon.

Don’t forget to massage into skin and leave it for about 30 minutes up to one hour. For treatments such as scars, healing or spot one you can cover it in on the place that you want and leave it for a night.

You may can cover it with band aid in order to allow the honey to remain in contact with your skin.
Well there are some simple guidelines and facts of how to use Manuka Honey on skin. Just try it!