How To Use Manuka Honey On Scars

How To Use Manuka Honey On Scars

How To Use Manuka Honey On Scars

How To Use Manuka Honey On Scars

Many women search for how to use manuka honey on scars as there are many reserachs conducted to observe the accuracy of this information.

The effectiveness of treating scars is related to its ability in killing microorganism and fungi. As you know, the honey is originally from New Zealand hich is extracted from Manuka bush.

How To Use Manuka Honey On ScarsWhat is manuka honey?

Manuka honey is made of bees that eaten the manuka bush which commonly found in New Zealand. The honey contains antibacterial, antimicrobial, antibiotics,antisepctics and other important properties.

As you know scars is caused by several causes such as acne, pimples and many others. The honey will kill the bacteria and germ cause the acne scars and prevent it to come back. It also penetrates to the deeper skin layer that can make your scars disappear.

How does it work on scars?

When it comes to scars, you may keep asking what the main benefits for treating scars are. Honey is able to cure your scars as it contains hydrogen peroxide which acts significantly in repairing the scars.

You may experience side effects too. Those side effects are such as allergic reactions stinging and many others. Honey also work in fighting the acne scars as it has low water content which makes it possible for germ to survive since water is needed by the microbes to thrive.

How to use manuka honey on scars?

Following are how to use manuka honey on scars you could follow. Take a look!

  • Apply the manuka honey to sterile bandage which are wrapped around your scars. It can prevent the scars from dark color when it has recovered.
  • Repeat the action for about three times a day to achieve better results especially in first three days.
  • Keep checking the scars to see the progress on how to use manuka honey on scars.