How To Use Manuka Honey On MRSA

How To Use Manuka Honey On MRSA


Methods for How to Use Manuka Honey on MRSA

How to use manuka honey on MRSA? Manuka honey is popular home remedy we can have for treating wound or infections. It can be an alternative for use, for treating wound in cheap and fast way.

Besides it is stronger than essential oil or herbal products that we can find in market. People maybe do not know that manuka honey also can be used for treating MRSA and Staph. The question then how to use manuka honey on MRSA?

How To Use Manuka Honey On MRSAMethod to How to Use Manuka Honey on MRSA

The key for treating MRSA using manuka honey is maximizing the contact between these two things. First step you need to do is cleaning the wound by using hydrogen peroxide. Well, you can see the doctors if you are not sure about it.

Then, prepare a gauze pad, and soak it with manuka honey. Next, apply the honey to your wound, and cover your wound with the gauze pad.

Last thing is cover the gauze pad with waterproof dressing and secure it with tape or adhesive. You can change the dressing whenever you want until your wound gets better.

Another Method for How to Use Manuka Honey on MRSA

Besides Manuka honey, we also have Manuka oil. These two things can be combined, to get an effective result. For MRSA, you can use these two oil and honey to wash the wound.

Manuka Oil is great to treat the wound on the surface of the skin, while the honey is great for treating it from further infection, from the inside. Propolis soap is needed to clean the wound first. This soap contains manuka oil and honey.

The rest ways are the same like above. Change the gauze pad every day, and do it at least for 10 days, until it gets better. Those are the most effective ways we can find for how to use manuka honey on MRSA.