How To Use Manuka Honey On Burns

How To Use Manuka Honey On Burns

How To Use Manuka Honey On Burns

How to Use Manuka On Burns

How to use Manuka Honey on burns has been asked several times. As you know, the Manuka Honey has been used to treat burns and other wounds and injuries. As antibacterial and antioxidant content within, the honey is effective to heal your burns.

When the honey is applied on your burn, it will keep the wound humid that can lead to quick healing with minimum scarring. Use the Manuka Honey t treat your first degree burns as well as the second one naturally and quickly. Well, how to use Manuka Honey on burns? Listed below are easy steps you could follow to heal your burns. Take a look!

How To Use Manuka Honey On BurnsRecognizing a first degree burns

As burns are able to happen whenever, you can possible get burn from heat, fire, boiling liquids, sun and many others. A burn which is first degree is the least serious burn that exists on your skin’s top layers.

The burn will be painful and red since it can turn white if you put force on it. This type of burn is typically heals within three to six days. The skin will be peeling during the healing process without any scarring occurs.

Treating burns immediately

Listed below are how to use Manuka Honey on burns you could follow. Check it out!

  1. Run cold water over your burn

After getting burn, you should use cold water to comfortable the level. Do this process for about five minutes. If your burn is second degree burn, be sure to leave it for about fifteen minutes. Just keep in mind to avoid applying ice to the area where your burn is.

  1. Pour directly Manuka Honey over the burned area

To cover the entire area of your burn, you can Manuka Honey that has already clinically proven. Just remember to not skimp on the honey itself. According to where your burn is, you should try to pour the honey for about ¼ inch thick.

How to use Manuka Honey on burns can be done at home and you can do it by yourself, so it’s really worth to try!