How To Use Manuka Honey In Nose

How To Use Manuka Honey In Nose

How To Use Manuka Honey In Nose

Advantages to How to Use Manuka Honey in Nose

How to use manuka honey in nose is various. Manuka honey is usually used to treat nose infections, or we call it as sinus. Sinus infections are the inflammation on inside part of your nose.

The inflammation, if not treated well, will be worsen by the bacteria, fungal, and even will lead you to the viral infections. Sinus is also triggered by allergies, and this one is the most common.

How To Use Manuka Honey In NoseMethod to How to Use Manuka Honey in Nose

There are three steps that you can follow for treating your sinus. What you need to prepare is distilled water, manuka honey, baking soda, sea salt which is non iodized salt, and jars for storing the mixture.

The first step for making this is mixing the water with the honey. And then add the mixture with baking soda and also sea salt. After it is ready, then, pour the mixture into the sterile jars, and store it to refrigerator.

Advantages from How to Use Manuka Honey in Nose

Before knowing this kind of treatment, we only know that sinus can only be treated by doctors, by taking the sinus with irrigation needle.

When it goes worst, even, the doctors will ask you to do surgery. Honey treatment here can be an alternative for treating sinus. Just use the method above to how to use manuka honey in nose.

Manuka honey is great as antibacterial properties. And the key for treating sinus is killing the bacteria. Thus, manuka honey will be effective for curing your problem.

If you have chronic sinus, this honey can also cure it for you. Most people are tolerant with honey. But it you cannot accept it; consult with doctors to know your allergies and whether or not they honey will give you side effects. If you do not have allergies to honey, then try this treatment.