How To Use Manuka Honey In Eyes

How To Use Manuka Honey In Eyes

How To Use Manuka Honey In Eyes

Ways for How to Use Manuka Honey in Eyes

How to use manuka honey in eyes? This honey is very popular for treating burns and minor wounds. People will use it for their first aid, and even consume it for improving their health and immune system.

For internal use, we sometimes only drink and eat it with other foods, but for eyes? Well, if you have eye infections, you can also use this honey for treating it. Yet, we may do not know how to use manuka honey in eyes.

How To Use Manuka Honey In EyesHow to Use Manuka Honey in Eyes Infection

We can follow the general instruction below. This hone can also be used for uncommon eye problem, for instance cataracts. For common eye infections, mix the raw honey with clean water. We are going to make a solution.

Then, squeeze the solution into your eyes, two to three drops are enough. You need to do it three times per day, until the eyes get better. The number of application actually depends on the problem you face.

For cataracts, you do not need to make a solution from it. Just drop maximum three drops of honey directly into your eyes.

Other Methods to How to Use Manuka Honey in Eyes

There is one review that this honey is highly effective for treating his ocular rosacea with blepharitis. In other words, we can say it as dry eye. This man had been tried so many methods but it seems does not work.

What he just does, is just applying the honey to his eyelids. Apply manuka honey twice a day for your dry eye, and leave it. You can use it day, or even leave overnight.

The result will be amazing, you will not find any inflammation again on your eyes. Even the white area in your eye will be back, to normal. Those are what we got for how to use manuka honey in eyes.