How To Use Manuka Honey For Strep Throat

How To Use Manuka Honey For Strep Throat

How To Use Manuka Honey For Strep Throat

Cure Your Strep Throat with Manuka Honey

Many people, especially children, tend to get sick easily in these days. The cause of it could be various such as virus, bacterium, or germ. Lack of working out or healthy food could make people fall into illness too.

There are many diseases which could easily attack people. One of them is strep or sore throat. Strep throat or also known as pharyngitis is occured due to bacterial or viral infection. This is commonly found  in children or teenagers.

When people have this illness, they find it difficult to swallow something. Not to mention, it feels hurt as well. Normally, people visit a doctor to check their throat when it is not recovered yet after two weeks and also followed by fever.

But, what should we do during those two weeks? Well, you can try to do first aid to relieve your throat. Before you think about using drugs, it is better to start with natural medicine first. One of the medicines we suggest here is manuka honey. Here are some tips of how to use manuka honey for strep throat.

How To Use Manuka Honey For Strep ThroatHow to Use Manuka Honey for Strep Throat in General Way

Manuka honey is quite popular in treating several diseases. Moreover, it is available for everyone from the age of two to adults. It is safe to apply or consume since it is 100% natural and also has no side effects.

Anyway, manuka honey is said to have antibacterial function. Hence, it is perfect for those who suffer from strep throat. The way of how to use it is quite easy. You only need to consume it with one full spoon, and do it three times a day.

So, you may use it in the morning, afternoon, and night. In addition, before swallowing the honey directly, you could hold it first and move it around your mouth for a few seconds. It aims to kill the bacterium more effectively.

Alternative Way of How to Use Manuka Honey for Strep Throat

There is another way of how to use manuka honey for strep throat you might want to try. In the first one, we drink it directly with no additional ingredients.

But, if you really want to cure the pharyngitis fast, you may mix the honey with lemon. Lemon is also able to cure this kind of illness. First, wring one lemon to a mug. Then, add one full spoon of manuka honey.

After that, you may pour a warm water and swirl them. Last, you may drink a mug of warm manuka honey with lemon. This will treat your throat well.