How To Use Manuka Honey For Mrsa

How To Use Manuka Honey For Mrsa


Treating MRSA with Manuka Honey

How to use manuka honey for mrsa? Is that possible? As most people know, MRSA is one of serious and difficult infection to deal with. It has immunity capability in any medication and antibiotics that you use.

However, Manuka honey seems to be the best weapon to treat MRSA. It’s proved to be the best ingredient that can eliminate the MRSA bacteria invincibility to antibiotics.

How To Use Manuka Honey For MrsaFirst Preparation for How to Use Manuka Honey for MRSA Method

First, don’t get to excited about this matter, because, you need to choose the right Manuka honey first, before you use it to treat MRSA. The best one would be raw Manuka honey.

However, it’s not good for babies, because their sensitive skin. If it’s for children, you can still use the raw Manuka honey. Choose the raw product with UMF 10 to 15. This range is considered the best product for skin problem, including MRSA.

You can’t use any processed Manuka honey product, because it won’t give you any health benefits. Now, after you get the product, you can start to use the guide of how to use manuka honey for mrsa

The How to Use Manuka Honey for MRSA Guide

The first thing you must do is cleaning the wound. Use hydrogen peroxide or any other method like what your physician suggested. Soak the gauze pad with the good quality Manuka honey.

Place the pad on the wound and cover it with bandage.Choose the waterproof one, so, the honey wouldn’t be ooze out from the pad. Now, you just need to wait until the wound is healed.

Do not forget to change the bandage frequently and repeat the process above, to make sure that your MRSA is well-treated. If you do it correctly, you can treat your MRSA safely without spending too much money. That’s how to use manuka honey for mrsa.