How To Take Manuka Honey Sore Throat

How To Take Manuka Honey Sore Throat


Relieving Sore Throat by Using Manuka Honey

Everyone must have dealed with sore throat at least once. This illness is very annoying to have. Why? It is because we struggle to swallow something as a result of its pain in the throat. Consequently, some people who have this issue are losing their appetite.

Normally, most people do a first aid to treat their strep throat before visiting a doctor. Each person has their own way to do the first aid, including us. When we have this disease, we consume manuka honey as the medical treatment.

You need to know that sore throat or pharyngitis is caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Manuka honey contains antibacterial properties which is a perfect substance to kill the virus or bacterium. We have two different ways of how to take manuka honey sore throat.

How To Take Manuka Honey Sore ThroatHow to Take Manuka Honey Sore Throat in A Common Way

You could actually take manuka honey with the same way as you consume a medicinal syrup. It means that you may use it three time a day.

What makes it different from common syrups is that you can consume it before or after meal; whereas medicinal syrups are mostly able to consume after meal. About the dose, you can have one full tablespoon for you and one teaspoon for children.

How to Take Manuka Honey Sore Throat in Other Way

Manuka honey could also be used by combining it with food or drink. If you want to use it for your food, a toast with the honey as its jam is a delicious choice. Or, you can also have a porridge with one tablespoon of the honey in it.

This is too flat for you? Well, you are lucky since you can find several recipes involving manuka honey from the Internet. However, you better pick the perfect recipe which is friendly for your throat.

Furthermore, this product could also be served as a drink. To make it one, a cup of warm water mixed with manuka honey as well as a lemon is good enough for you and other people.