How To Take Manuka Honey 5+

How To Take Manuka Honey 5+

How To Take Manuka Honey 5+

How to Take Manuka Honey 5+ in 3 Ways

How to take manuka honey 5+? Manuka honey is actually available in some grades. In market you can find honey with grade 5+ to 15+, and some people believe that this grade will affect to the quality of the honey itself.

Yet, some also say that this grade means nothing. Manuka honey is great for wound and burns, and some experts say that honey that has grade more than 10 is great to cure this. Manuka honey in grade 5 is also still useful and functional to use.

How To Take Manuka Honey 5+For Immune System: How to Take Manuka Honey 5+

Besides using for outside purpose, you can also eat and drink this honey. For improving health and immune system, just take one spoon full of honey and drink it half an hour before taking your meals. Do it three times a day to get a good result.

For those who have diabetes and digestive system, you need to try this method. How to take manuka honey 5+? You can also just mix it with water, or bread and other food and drink. Yet, avoid hot water, to prevent the function decreases.

For Wound: How to Take Manuka Honey 5+

Manuka honey is popular because of its greatness in curing minor wound. If you have minor wound, then clean it first with hydrogen peroxide, and prepare gauze pad.

Soak the gauze pad to the honey, and apply the honey to your wound as well. Then just cover the wound with the gauze pad. Leave and change the pad every day, until the wound gets better.

For Skin Care

You can also use it for your face, as daily cleanser or mask. Even you can use it for curing dark spot and acne. For cleanser and mask, apply the honey for the whole face and rub it, but for spot treatment, just apply some drops of honey to your face. These are what we have for how to take manuka honey 5+.