How To Properly Use Manuka Honey

How To Properly Use Manuka Honey

How To Properly Use Manuka Honey

The Right Stages on How to Properly Use Manuka Honey

How to properly use manuka honey can be an effective natural healing for various kinds of health problem. Manuka honey is special type of honey since it is formed by the bees using the nectar which is taken from particular tree called Manuka.

Manuka honey is well known to be original from New Zealand. Manuka honey is also renowned with its antibacterial and antifungal agents so that many people use this honey for healing.

This honey contains therapeutic property called unique manuka factor or known as UMF that can be employed both external and internal use. The higher amount of UMF in the honey, the richer antibacterial it has.

How To Properly Use Manuka HoneyHow to properly use manuka honey to heal stomach problems

Manuka honey is effective to be used to cure digestive problems. Stomach ulcers, acid reflux, and other stomach disorders are the examples of digestive problems that can be treated using manuka honey.

To use manuka honey for digestive problems healing, you need to consume it several times in a day. You can consume this manuka honey with other foods or beverages.

For instance, you can add manuka honey into your tea or consume it to complement biscuit or cake. However, the best way to consume is swallowing it directly without being dissolved with water or combined with other foods.

How to properly use manuka honey to heal skin problems

The antibacterial properties in manuka honey are also effective to heal various kinds of skin problems and wounds including acne and eczema. To treat skin problems such as acne and eczema, you can put it over the affected skin without being covered.

Be careful since it will be sticky. As for treating wounds, you can put it over the wounds and cover it with bandage. This manuka honey will build a barrier for the bandage. Those are several examples that you can try at home on how to properly use manuka honey.