How To Make Manuka Honey Soap

How To Make Manuka Honey Soap

How To Make Manuka Honey Soap

Relaxing with Manuka Honey Soap

What will you do to take a time to relax yourself? Sleeping? Yes, it is true, but there is nothing more special than taking a bath. We can finally relieve ourself by only doing this after working so hard for a day. It is even better if we soak in a bathtub clean our body with a really good soap.

Talking about soap, there have been many soap products produced around the world. Some people try to find one which is suitable with their taste. Instead of buying it, why not trying to make one by yourself? We could create a better and safer soap with natural ingredients.

In this point, we suggest you to use manuka honey as the main ingredient. This honey has a lot of benefits, especially for our skin care. It will help nurturing and moisturizing our skin very well. In addition, not only could we use it for our body, but also for our face. Therefore, here is how to make manuka honey soap.

How To Make Manuka Honey SoapHow to Make Manuka Honey Soap: The Preparation

Before we begin the process, we must know what we need to make the soap. In this case, we have to prepare both the ingredients and equipment. There is a number of important ingredients we must collect first.

Those are beeswax, manuka honey, caustic soda and fragrance. Several oils are also necessary for the process like palm, coconut and olive oils. The next thing is the tools, which are panic stainless, gas burner, mixer, food thermometer, measuring cup, weigher, mold, paper for cake, and knife.

About the mold, to make it more creative, you may use cake mold to make a soap with interesting shape.

How to Make Manuka Honey Soap: The Making Process

After you have completed the preparation, now it si time to tell you how to make manuka honey soap. First, pour the caustic soda to the distilled water to make iye. Second, boil the oils we mention before and heat it above 50o C.

Third, after the temperature of the iye is already lowered into 50oC, combine it with the oils. Boil it until the end of the sapofinication process. Fourth, do the pH test. If it is good already, then put some glycerin and alcohol slowly.

Fifth, close the container and let it be for about thirty minutes. Sixth, after thirty minutes, you may pour the beeswax and manuka honey to the container and stir it well. Seventh, place the soap liquid to the mold with whichever shapes you like and keep it in the freezer.

Last, remove the the soap from the mold and then you are done. However, you must wait for four weeks until it is available to use.