How To Make Manuka Honey Lotion

How To Make Manuka Honey Lotion

How To Make Manuka Honey Lotion

How to Make Manuka Honey Lotion: in 3 Steps

How to make manuka honey lotion are various in ways. Manuka honey itself is a kind of honey which is originally from New Zealand. People already use this honey for decade.

It is great as natural healing properties, and the function of this are various. Today, we will find many ways for using this honey. And one of it making this honey becomes a natural ingredient for cosmetics products.

How To Make Manuka Honey LotionSteps to How to Make Manuka Honey Lotion

There is one way that you can copy for making your own body lotion using manuka honey as its main ingredients. This will be a cheap yet powerful body lotion.

What you need to have for making you own body lotion is beeswax, oils, and also rosewater or filtered water. The oil you want can be various, apricot oil, nut oils, coconut oil, olive oil, and many more.

The ingredients can be found easily in your local health food shop with cheap price. First step to do for making this is mixing the wax, honey, and oil into one in a pan, and then heat it in low heat. After all the mixture is already mixed, leave it until cool.

The last step is pouring the rosewater or the filtered water into the mixture. There is no exact measurement about this, when you think that the water is enough, the stop. After finishing the mixture, then place it into jars or place and wait until it is set. These are how to make manuka honey lotion.

How to Make Manuka Honey Lotion as Natural Cosmetics

There are some functions of manuka honey that you need to know. When you use it for lotions, it can heal reduce the inflammation and redness, you can also reduce the breakouts.

It also can heal the dry skin. Sometimes honey is mixed with milk also. Manuka honey is also great for your natural body scrub.