How To Apply Manuka Honey To Wounds

How To Apply Manuka Honey To Wounds


How to apply manuka honey to wounds dressing

As manuka honey is well known to treat any kinds of wounds, you should need to know about how to apply manuka honey to wounds appropriately. If you apply the honey to your wounds inappropriately, your wounds can possible to get worse. Listed below are tips applying dressing to your wounds in appropriate way.

How To Apply Manuka Honey To WoundsThe dressing application

As you know, manuka honey is somewhat sticky and runny. It means that honey is quite difficult to manage. However, it can be solved by soaking it into absorbent wound-contact materials, like bandage, cotton tissue and gauze.

If you have pre-impregnated the bandage or gauze with honey, you can directly cover the wounds. Another option, you can purchase pre-impregnated pads, which use honey with antibacterial activity standardized level which has been sterilized with gamma radiation.

Just keep in mind to cut the dressing of manuka honey to a size that fit to the wounds especially beyond the wound edges. Cover the surrounding inflammation area properly to fasten the healing process.

How to take care of abscesses

Cavities, depression and abscesses within the wound should be filled with manuka honey before applying the dressing pad.

This meant to allow the honey to be always in touch with the bed of the wound. You can use irradiated leprospermum honey to do this.

Secondary dressing

Secondary or occlusive dressing ought to be applied to prevent honey discharge from the wound. The occlusive dressing is meant to keep the honey to be staying in contact with the wounds since absorbent dressing tend to saturate it up.

If you do not use the dressing, you can use bandages or tape to hold the dressing pad in place.

The honey dressing

How to apply manuka honey to wounds? The dressing of honey can be used underneath the bandaging multilayer compression. It would need to change about twice a week, typically in the treatment early stages until the exudation level already diminish, however every day changes could be necessary in case there is serious exudation on how to apply manuka honey to wounds.