How To Apply Manuka Honey To MRSA

How To Apply Manuka Honey To MRSA

How To Apply Manuka Honey To MRSA

How to Apply Manuka Honey To MRSA Properly

Nowadays, how to apply manuka honey to MRSA becomes trending topic as the honey has several medical benefits including treating MRSA. The manuka is well-known with its ability in fighting several types of bacteria one of them is MRSA or commonly referred to superbug.

Manuka honey has long been famous to have antibacterial properties. There are many research are conducted to examine the content of the honey which is claimed as one of the best honey in the planet. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of the combination of antibiotics and honey has not been clinically tested yet.

How To Apply Manuka Honey To MRSAWhat is manuka honey?

The manuka honey originally comes from Manuka tree, a unique tree which is only found in New Zealand. As you know, most types of honey are able to be used for natural remedies and have ability in treating chronic wounds. The honey also reveals the activity of microbial which can act more than eighty pathogen species.

How does it work?

Since honey is variable and complex product, so that the molecular compounds found within have an effect toward the bacteria. There are several factors may affect the antimicrobial activity, including low acidity, high sugar content, and many others.

It also contains dihydroxyyacetone compounds which exist in manuka flowers’ nectar. They then produce a compound called methylglyoal which meant to be cell-killing and antibacterial properties.

How to use manuka honey on MRSA?

Many researches find out that the honey affects the three bacteria molecular structure such as:

  • Staphylococcus aureus which  generally cause the infection of wound and then becoming resistant to some antibiotics.
  • Pseudominas aeruginosa which is resistant to bacteria which cause the burns infections and chronic leg ulcers.
  • Streptococcus pyogenes which commonly cause life-threatening and superficial infections.

Do you know how to apply manuka honey to MRSA? You can apply the manuka honey on MRSA by directly drop it on the wounds. Another option is by diluting it with water allows it to produce hydrogen peroxide which holds important roles in healing wounds quickly.

After knowing this, you don’t need to be confused how to apply manuka honey to MRSA anymore.