How To Apply Manuka Honey To Eyes

How To Apply Manuka Honey To Eyes

How To Apply Manuka Honey To Eyes

How To Apply Manuka Honey To Eyes

How to apply Manuka honey to eyes is becoming what people look for as Manuka honey gain popularity in curing eyes infection. For your information, eyes information is generally caused by bacteria, microbiological agent or virus.

The infection can cause any irritation to parts of eye, the cornea, the eyelid, or the optic nerves lay on the back of your eye. Manuka honey as anti-microbial can be used as natural remedy to clear your eyes infection.

How To Apply Manuka Honey To EyesHoney for eye infection

Manuka honey act as humectants as it has antibacterial properties within. It can be used to clear your eye infection and will provide soothing relief. It also can be used for additional properties of antibiotic.

How to use Manuka honey to eyes

How to apply Manuka honey to eyes then? Manuka is well-known in healing eye infection. If the eye infection spread on your eyelid, try to mix equal parts of boiled water and honey for a great solution.

Apply it on your eye using cotton ball. For more effective result, you should soak the cotton ball on your eye, and just keep in mind to not reuse it to prevent infection spread off.

Another option, you can use the Manuka honey as eye drops. Keep your eye open and then squeeze about three drops to your eye. The mixture also can be used to rinse off your eye three times a day until the infection fade away.

Surprisingly, Manuka also can be used without diluting it first. You should put about two drops of honey to your eye directly.

The Manuka then will gather dirt and then eliminate it through tearing.

Manuka honey for pink eye

When eyeld transparent lining becomes infected or inflamed and the eye’s white are become red or pink, this condition is called pink eye.

You also can heal pink ye by using Manuka honey indeed. Mix honey with lukewarm water and then apply it to your eyes using a soft fabric. You should notice how to apply Manuka honey to eyes in proper way to get maximum result.