How To Apply Manuka Honey To Acne

How To Apply Manuka Honey To Acne

How To Apply Manuka Honey To Acne

How To Apply Manuka Honey To Acne

You can see how to apply manuka honey to acne following:
1. the first thing you should do is you should clean your face first. Clean until no more dust off your face. You can cleanse your face using lukewarm water so make your skin pores wide open.
2. Dry your face by using a soft towel. You should not rub your face with a towel but only patted softly.
3. The next step is that you should rub your skin with acne by using honey. After you apply, then you must first let stand for 15 minutes. Wait until the honey is dried on your skin.
4. Afterwards, rinse your face using cold water. You can do this step every 2 to 3 times a week.

How To Apply Manuka Honey To AcneWhy apply manuka honey is good to cure acne

Manuka honey is often also referred to as active honey. Manuka honey is more effective in curing acne prone skin. Manuka honey can also make your skin protected from the effects of premature aging.

Your skin will look more fresh and moist. One cause of acne is a skin that is dry, therefore to make the skin becomes moist, you can use manuka honey.

The treatments to apply manuka honey to acne

You can make this cleanser of manuka honey. How to apply this cleanser is very easy, you can directly apply to dry skin. You can massage your skin for about 30 seconds for maximum results. After that, you can rinse using clean water. You can also perform a series of other treatments such as masks or overnight treatment.

Tips to apply manuka honey to acne

Tips to treat acne by using manuka honey:
1. you should not touch the acne by hand. If you want to do a treatment with honey then you should treat with a cotton bud. This is because your hands may contain bacteria that can make acne multiply.
2. Should during the treatment period you are not using cosmetics dangerous and can damage your skin.
Well, that tips how to apply manuka honey to acne.