How To Apply Manuka Honey On Wounds

How To Apply Manuka Honey On Wounds

How To Apply Manuka Honey On Wounds

How To Apply Manuka Honey On Wounds Effectively

Manuka honey has been used since over years ago in treating wounds, so that how to apply manuka honey on wounds is often looked for. There have been renewed discovery claims that honey, especially manuka honey is effective in treating wounds and also burns.

How To Apply Manuka Honey On WoundsHow does manuka honey work to treat infection?

There are many important substances that can act as anti-microbial properties such as hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial pythochemicals, and also high osmolality.

Additionally, due to its antimicrobial properties, honey also is able to stimulate the activities of phagocytic and lymphocytic.

Other benefits of manuka honey

The manuka honey is often used as agent of topical antibacterial to treat infections in several wound types. Those include:

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Leg ulcers
  • Burns
  • Infected wounds
  • Diabetic foot ulcers

In many cases, honey is often used when conventional antibiotics and antiseptic as well as antibacterial treatment is ineffective. As manuka contains anti-inflammatory properties it can be used as the first aid treatment to cure burns.

How to use manuka honey on wounds

Following are tips how to apply manuka honey on wounds. Check it out!

  • The amount of manuka honey is depending on the exuding fluids form your wounds. If yur wound is large, then you should take substantial amount of manuka.
  • The dressing frequency is based on how rapidly the manuka is diluted by the exudates fluids. It should become less frequent as the honey will start to work on your wound healing.
  • To prevent honey oozing from the wound, consider to have occlusive dressing.
  • It is the best to spread the honey on the dressing instead of directly pour onto your wounds. For less messy alternative, you can consider to choose dressing-pads with pre-impregnated honey on.
  • In case you have deeper wound, you can take more honey to heal your wounds. Before applying dressing pads, consider how to apply manuka honey on wounds directly.