How To Apply Manuka Honey For Burns

How To Apply Manuka Honey For Burns

How To Apply Manuka Honey For Burns

How to Apply Manuka Honey for Burns

How to apply Manuka honey for burns is a topic that will be discussed this time. Honey has very powerful properties for our body. Honey has become one of the drugs that are reliable since antiquity. In fact, in the world of medicine and skin beauty honey has been produced in a wide range of products.

One type of honey that has many benefits is Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is honey obtained from extraction of Manuka flower that grows dispersed in an area of New Zealand and South Australia. This honey is believed to be able to cope with various kinds of infections and diseases.

How To Apply Manuka Honey For BurnsHow to Apply Manuka Honey for Burns

Honey has antibacterial that can help accelerate the wound heal. One of the types of injuries that can be treated using Manuka Honey is burns. Acid contained in honey can prevent bacteria from growing.

To treat burns, usually by giving bandage mounted double. Select bandages which have absorbent properties to prevent the honey out of the wound area. After the bandage the wound with gauze and bandages sure cover the entire surface of the wound. Do not forget to regularly change the bandage at least twice a week.

Other Benefits of Honey for Skin

Manuka honey has been clinically tested were able to help repair damaged skin. This honey can improve the affected skin wounds such as burns and eczema. Organic substances in honey which contains antiviral and antibacterial will help clean the wound from infection and accelerates the regeneration of skin cells damaged.

Due to the content in it, then it is a lot of people who choose to use treatments using honey as a secondary treatment in addition to medical treatment. Hopefully this tip from us is useful for those of you who are looking for ways on how to apply Manuka honey for burns.