How Much Manuka Honey To Use

How Much Manuka Honey To Use


How Much Manuka Honey to Use and How to Use

How much manuka honey to use depends on the wounds and treatments that you want to have. Well, you can use it for both internal and external used.

Manuka honey is a honey produced from Manuka tree flower. Manuka itself is also known as tea tree, which originally comes from New Zealand.

How Much Manuka Honey To UseHow Much Manuka Honey to Use and How to Take

You can use it both, internal and external. For internal used just take one to two teaspoons of manuka honey. Take it before taking your meal, an hour before taking the daily meals.

There is no exact measurement to decide how often you will use this Manuka honey. It depends on your own circumstances, if the problem is not severe than take less often.

Manuka Honey is usually used for wound; you can directly apply the honey to the wound and close the wound with a dressing. Just like the internal used, Manuka honey can be re-applied many times a day.

Some people say that they have a ‘stinging’ sensation right after use this honey for their wounds. And still there is no exact amount to how much manuka honey to use.

How Much Manuka Honey to Use: The Purposes

You also contact your doctor to know the average amount of manuka honey to use for your body. Besides using for wounds, manuka honey is also great for treating diabetes, treating eyes infections, ear and also sinus infections.

It is also great for other diseases, like cancer, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal problem, or systemic inflammation.

Most people can tolerate honey, see doctors if you are not sure. The possible reactions after applying this honey is allergic, for people who have allergic to bee.

Another side effect is the rising of blood sugar. If you use it with chemotherapy drugs, there will be also possible reactions. So contact your physicians first, before applying this.