Honey Benefits Sore Throat, A Natural Remedy

Honey benefits sore throat cannot be doubted anymore, because there are many researches dealing with honey indicating many advantages of honey. One of a large number of advantages of honey is sore throat healing. Before we discuss how honey works dealing sore throat, it is better for you to know causes and symptoms of sore throat.

Sore throat belongs to diseases that get you difficult to swallow or speak. Symptoms indicating sore throat include dry throat, difficulty swallowing, hoarse voice, and pain. Sore throat is caused by bacteria, virus, allergies, sinus drainage, muscle strain and side effects of medications. Honey good sore throat is categorized into effective sore throat treatment.

Is honey used for sore throat reliable? Honey is regarded as multifunction medicine that has been used since several years ago. Besides, honey functions as preservative of any kinds of diseases by improving your system immune.

manuka honey on open wound1In this case, people trust honey benefits sore throat because it bears antibacterial fighting bacteria existing on your throat. There are many substances in honey that effectively release pain including sore throat. Honey belongs to natural medicine to heal sore throat and you can do it at home easily.

There are some methods to consume honey for sore throat healing purpose. First, you need to gargle with warm water and salt mixture to overcome discomfort and swelling.

Pour a tablespoon of honey into warm water and drink this mixture. This drink is very effective to kill bacteria in your throat. Drink every day to get optimal result. It is possible to eat ice pop to reduce painful feeling caused by sore throat.

Don’t forget to take a rest to optimize healing process. Your sore throat will be healed optimally if you drink honey every day and get quality rest. Of course, you have to do procedures properly to optimize honey benefits sore throat.