Honey Influence for Body Weight: Honey Benefits for Weight Gain

Honey benefits for weight gain. Beside for weight loss, honey can also be effective way to increase weight. Sugar has the function for providing energy for body. Consume sugar is important to provide the energy for body that people are usually used for doing daily activity.

The sugar that has been consumed, then stored in muscles as fat, then the fat is burned as energy by doing activity. If you are consuming sugar in a lot of amount, it just emerge the stack of fat in muscles. And this is not a good thing whereas honey can produce energy for body without having to stacking fat in muscle.

Honey has more calorie density if it is compared with sugar. It proof that honey benefits for weight gain. In each tablespoon of honey contains carbohydrate in amount 17.3 grams, similar to the performance enhancement which is used by athlete for marathon.

honey benefits for weight gainComplex carbohydrate will break down on body slowly, it means that to change the complex carbohydrate into fuel in muscle will need several time, It cannot happen immediately.

But Honey as simple sugar can break down immediately. Honey will produce more energy which is saved as weight instead of stacking fat in the muscle.

Based on some researches in American Journal, Honey has important function to balance the carbohydrate level of body after doing exercise. Honey is great ingredient to keep the stock of carbohydrate within the body.

High level of carbs contained in honey enables you to easily increase your weight after you do exercise or gym session. Some researches of honey also show that honey is really good to gain weight, the special benefits of the honey is that honey can maintain blood sugar, recovery the damage muscle, and also for glycogen restoration. Those function of honey show honey benefits for weight gain.