Recognizing Honey Benefits and Side Effects

When we are talking about honey, it cannot be separated from honey benefits and side effects. The substance which is produced by bees has been known for its efficacy for human’s health. Based on the research, about 70-80% of honey is recognized as sugar. The other substances of honey are including water, minerals, acid, protein and other substances.

These beneficial substances make honey easy to absorb by human’s body. Honey benefits have been popular since ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans. It is known that honey contains anti bacteria as well as anti fungus agent to keep it sterile and efficacious.

There are plenty of honey benefits and side effects. As honey contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents, it may relieve infection caused by bacteria.

honey benefits and side effects1It also works for diarrhea and stomach ulcer caused by H. pylori bacteria. Furthermore, honey is also used for asthma, cough and hay fever. There are many other benefits of honey such as a carbohydrate sources for vigorous exercise and for wound healing. Applying honey directly to your skin may help heal your skin caused by burns, sun burn and foot ulcers. Besides, it can be used for cosmetic purpose too. Honey is usually used as moisturizers.

Does honey have side effect? Some experts argued that honey has certain side effects behind its efficacy, even though honey side effect is not directly caused by the natural substances of honey itself. We have explained that honey contains anti bacterial agents previously.

However, the agents may not work for bacteria which reproduce using spores. Therefore, there is a botulism case of an infant who was given honey by mouth. Fortunately, some experts have done several ways to prevent the bacteria to grow in honey such as by irradiating it. Now, we learn more about honey benefits and side effects.