The health benefits honey green tea makes it worth consuming. Drinking green tea and honey is kind of pleasant way to maintain your health. Both green tea and honey are known for its efficacy for our health. Drinking green tea itself may improve your health. When it is combined with honey, the efficacy will be twice greater.

Originally, drinking tea has been very popular since thousands years ago in Asia. People drank green tea to maintain their health as it contains high amount of antioxidants. Today’s people drink green tea with honey, which makes it tastier as well as healthier.

Health benefits honey green tea1Honey used to be added into green tea as natural sweetener. But now, as people come to be aware of the efficacy of honey, more and more people drink this beneficial combination.

Honey and green tea benefits are maintaining our health. Drinking a cup of green tea and honey is believed to relieve your fatigue. Health benefits honey green tea is also known to treat the common cold. The steam of the tea helps open the nasal passage for relaxing purpose. Meanwhile, honey helps you soothe a sore throat which is usually found as a symptom of a common cold.

Healthy benefits of honey and green tea becomes more remarkable as it is known that honey and green tea may prevent cancer. As green tea contains polyphenols as antioxidants, it may prevent certain types of cancer such as colon, skin and prostate cancer.

The green tea also contains EGCG active compound to help block cancer growth. If you have a problem with weight, you may try this as it is believed as a weight-loss aid. Research showed that green tea increases your metabolism to help you burn your fat effectively. So, which health benefits honey green tea can you ignore?